Thoughts on Vision 7 – Sweet Love!

Today we are focused on external happiness and limited celebration moments with family and friends. Since we gain happiness internally, and, with the holiday season upon us, think back to what you used to like to create within your family or at school that made you feel happy as you created it. Do It Again, to feel happiness and pride in order to reflect as love in a present to yourself and others! Don’t forget to embrace the Child Of The Past if you want to gain internal happiness!

Slow down, smell the sweet scents of the Holiday Season, and, enjoy the pride of creation which reflects as happiness and love.

Sweet Love!

Plumber Snowman

Plumber Snowman Reflection


Vision 7 Embrace The Lover of Your Fantasies Part 2 – December 2, 2014

Take a Dive Into the details of why your relationship isn’t what it should be with us.  Why isn’t your love life heated up all the time?  Your love life isn’t heated up because we live boring lives with lifeless jobs, we have external authorities in our lives from bosses to politicians, and we look for external means to find happiness.  Most men don’t charge home, from work, excited about a new creation or expanding their creations which can bring them happiness and pride.  Instead they are stuck in lifeless ruts following set routines day after day and so is their love life!  We ladies are stuck in this trap too, and, on this call you learn how to change-it up!  Go for the Dive!

It is creation of values that brings a man pride and happiness and that can spill-over into his love life and leave his lady with the desire to support his value creation (his essence).

In addition we learned that a lady has a dual-essence.  She can have a career of her own for happiness and pride and offer support to her man to gain additional happiness and pride in her man and his creations.

What man doesn’t want a happy creative lady with pride in herself, and, what lady doesn’t want a man she can look up to for his creations to gain even more happiness and pride through him.  As you can imagine, we enjoyed some lively questions, and comments, at the end of the lecture.

Come  join us!  Next week, we will share the 21st century secret to becoming slim-and-sexy in Vision 8.
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